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  1. Teja is not working please update the link

  2. iam not getting tejatv in the google
    chrome there is a alterate link
    but it is not working pls fix this problem the link said it works in google crome but the link is not
    working pls do something.

  3. hi admin,
    teja is not working.can u pls fix it.

  4. hi admin,
    teja n gemini r not working.can u pls fix.

  5. hai admin,
    we were able to watch only etv,etv2,zee and inewscan u please fx other channels also and be a great help please...rupa.

  6. Hi Admin,
    ur doing great job..

  7. Hi admin,
    Teja tv is not working.

  8. why teja is not working

  9. hi admin,
    teja and gemini are not working since 1 week.

    please try to fix it.

  10. hi admin
    how r u iam not getting geminitv tejatv and maatv why like that these channnels went off 20 days back but u did not fix these channels why like that what happen it will never come or what pls do something
    only etv is getting thats all pls do something and fix it.
    thanks alot for your service.

  11. Hi Admin,

    I can't get Teja & Gemini TV. Can you please check it out and fix it as soon as possible.


  12. why dont you remove links which are not working.

  13. Teja TV Updated & its working.

  14. Admin garu teja and gemini tv are not working.please fix it.

  15. only maa tv is working.vere channals wrk cheyatledu? endukandi??

  16. Hi,

    Gr8 job......keep it up.....continue playing different movies as well......thanks a lot..


  17. Hi Admim,
    i couldn't able to open fullscreen for Teja tv .Pls can u help us.

  18. While channel playing,Double click on screen,Then you can see in full screen.

  19. Hi Admin,
    the Teja link seems to be incorrect, but anyway we enjoyed the movies once but We fed up with
    Blade Babji,
    Chintakayala ravi and Ankit pallavi and friends, please add new movies to this channel

  20. eeee teja eppatiki radha....

  21. Baboi .. Inka enni rojulu ee 3 cinemas..Please maarchandayya Babu.. Otherwise bring down the channel..Plzzzzzzzz

  22. Hi Admin ... Can you please change the movies atleast once in a week.
    Got bored with these 3 movies.

  23. Hi Teja TV

    Can you please play a movie named "Nagavamsam" Prakash raj dual role movie like a snake & Man i like the movie very much

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