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  1. Hi Admin Many Thanks for Gemini TV. Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks for Gemini TV

  3. what Admin just now I said Thanks, now the Gemini tv is not working. Please fix it.

  4. Its working .Please Check it Again.

  5. Yeah its working now. Thanks. But its stopping in between, I mean buffering a lot. Please check that.

  6. Admin the telugu channels are buffering or stopping always after 20 seconds. Can you please fix it?

  7. Please use ALTERNATE link,If one is not workig ;)

  8. hi admin!!
    Is this gemini,teja and etv are running live or they are running through usa timings please let me know

  9. Check the alternate link . Its working .Try to use the ALTERNATE LINK .

  10. Hi Admin,

    How do I use the alternate link. Can you help please.

  11. Click on alternate link

  12. hi admin ,
    when i use the alternate's opening windows media player.but not working.can u please help me how to watch gemini n teja

  13. thanks admin
    it is working in google chrome
    thans once again

  14. Hi Admin,

    Please can you fix gemini tv.


  15. hi admin
    iam not getting etv tejatv and geminitv why like that ur not taking an action to fix this problem
    in etv there is no link firstf all
    there is a link to gemini teja but the links r not working i put so many messages but ur not taking any action i used to get gemini and etv regularly but now even iamm not getting any channel. pls take action on this i will be very thankful to u

  16. Give me some time friends.

  17. hi admin,
    how r u?
    can pls check geminitv its not working in alternate link too.
    pls help me.

  18. Hi admin,

    Thanks for Gemini TV. Thanks a lot.

  19. hi admin

    the gemini tv is not working it says the channel is stopped. can you please fix it.


  20. hi admin

    the gemini tv is not working it says the channel is stopped. can you please fix it.


  21. Hi Admin,
    Gemini tv is not working. in that place eetv is coming.. can u please check that...thanks

  22. hi admin,

    can you please fix gemini and teja tv.

    thank you

  23. hi admin,

    can you please tell me if you are working on gemini tv.

  24. Hi Admin,
    can you plesase update HBO channel

  25. hey admin
    gemini is not working..

  26. hi can u plz tell me how to watch gemini etv .....iam clicking on the play button but it is not coming

  27. only etv gets palyed all the time...but never gemini.why

  28. hey...gemini tv is not coming...instead e tv is playing

  29. hey...gemini tv is not coming...instead e tv is playing

  30. hi
    admin how r u we r not getting etv geminitv tejatv why like that
    u take it off everything bcas we r not getting any of these channels pls give me me reply to this comment whether ithe channels will come or nor not iam waiting for ur reply.
    thanks alot

  31. I dont have any source to broadcast this.Till I get that,please watch other channels.

  32. Dear Admin,
    I am unable to play Gemini and Teja rest all are playing. can you please help me out

  33. hi admin
    it is not gemini tv,it is z kannada
    can u plz fix it
    thank you

  34. Hi Admin,

    Gemini and Teja are again not working.Plz fix

  35. gemini tv is not working

  36. hi can i get gemini tv sun-networkwatermarking video.
    means the gemini tv logo video(about 15 secs) which comes in program breaks.
    plz reply me

  37. Hi admin,
    Gemini tv is not working this channel is off air is coming while opening it.please check and solve this problem asap.

  38. Dear Visitors,
    GEMINI is OFF AIR Now.I will try to fix it soon.Please watch other working channels.

  39. Hi Admin,

    My window says Need Real Player plugin. Can you please let me know where do I get that? I am not getting any pop-up or link for that. I am using IE8

  40. Rajesh:-

    Did you blocked popups??

    Check that.

  41. Updated for Both India & US times

  42. hi admin can you plz fix gemini as australian time plz...

  43. hi admin gemini tv is not working can u fix it

  44. hi admin gemini tv is not working plz fix it. tell alternative link thnq.

  45. Hi, admin gemini is not working can u try to fix it.

  46. Hi admin,
    Thanks for Gemini tv,it is working now.Could u please fix zee telugu in indian timings?

  47. Hi,

    I'm not getting Gemini & GCV comedy channels. Can you please fix this.

    thanks In Advance

  48. Gemini Tv in Both India & USA Timings working

  49. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for updating the links.


  50. None of the channel is working properly.....plz fix it..

  51. hello admin,
    please, fix gemini tv.....

  52. Hello Admin,

    Gemini is not working, please fix it...


  53. please update the starting episodes of telugu serial chakravakam which played in gemini tv.

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