Businessman's 1 Crore Offer To Jeevitha Rajasekhar

The names Jeevitha-Rajasekhar lost its charisma as a 'fire brand' couple, after they made some allegations against big stars. After quitting a political party, they are literally pushed to blank mode, unable to decide which way to take up.

Apparently, Jeevitha has finished the shooting of her husband's latest movie MAHANKALI. As the producer, cameraman and the director of the movie walked out in the middle, she took the lead to complete the movie. Now, there is a businessman from Andhra region offering her 1 crore for the movie. If you think that the price is for Andhra region, then you are wrong.

This is the price quoted for the distribution of the film in whole Andhra Pradesh. In fact, no distributors are coming up to take the movie, though it is on sharing basis. With no winds blowing in their way, this damaged 'kite' surely needs a 'miracle' to fall into place again.
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