RGV Blasts Big Budget Filmmakers !


Movie maker Ram Gopal Varma has always been known for his blatant truths on cinema industry and its folks. While they are outright offensive for anyone, the fact remains that no one can negate what Ramu says. This time, Ramu seems to have targeted few big budget film makers.

Sharing his thoughts on his Twitter network, RGV came up with this tweet- “With the biggest of budgets we make `Kambhakt Ishq' and ‘Ready`and they make `MI 4` and `Avataar` aur phir bhi humara bharat mahaan”. While he may have taken the name of the films for example sake, the message surely applied to many big budget moviemakers.

However, those who heard this say “Ramu may be right in what he is saying. But producing big budget films is not just about visual appeal and graphic expertise. That works in Hollywood. In India, there should be a good dose of emotional quotient. It should be more like Emotion +technical extravaganza, only then films work here.”
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