Sexy Heroine's strong belief in ghosts!!

There is a universal debate about ghosts and their existence. Millions of discussions happen about belief in them. While that depends on everyone's individual experiences, here is one girl who seems to have developed a belief in the existence of ghosts after acting in a ghost film.

She is none other than Sayali Bhagat and this sexy starlet is all set to arrive with her new film 'Ghost'. Sharing her experiences, Sayali reportedly said that though it is a horror film, the concept is something different and that's what got her to sign the project.

On the other hand, the pretty girl maintained that after doing the film, she has begun to believe in the existence of ghosts. While it is not sure whether Sayali had any freaky experiences or not her statement has raised few eyebrows. Some are saying maybe the film has shaped up so well that it convinces people.
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