Nuvva Nena (2012) - Music Review

Movie:  Nuvva Nena
Cast :  Allari Naresh,Sharwanand,Shriya Sharan,Vimala Raman
Director :  P Narayana
Music Director :  Beems 
BGM: Mani Sharma
Producer :  Vamsikrishna Srinivas

Actors Allari Naresh and Sharwanand, who first appeared together in the critically acclaimed Gamyam which went on to win the Nandi Award in 2008, are back. After three years, they are playing the heroes in director P. Narayana's Nuvva Nena, a complete entertainer produced by Vamsi Krishna. Gamyam won best lyricist award for Sirivennela Seetaramasastry along with the movie. That story was different. Not sure what this movie is about. This movies casts Shriya and Vimala Raman and is set to be released in March.  Beems is the music director of the film and Mani Sharma is composing the background score. In Thaman's wave it was hard to listen other music directors name  recently and for a change Beems is the music director. This film as Naresh mass and Sharwanand know in city audience. So the music guess would be that this would a perfect mix of mass, melody which makes difficult stage for Beems. Lets see how he utilizes. The music is released on 18th February 2012 and has standard six songs.

01 - Blackberry 
Singer(s): Kailash Kher
Kailash Kher constantly gets chances in Telugu. This song starts in typical style that perfectly suits him. The lyrics are mostly non-Telugu even its Telugu we don't need to focus and pay attention much, so he does complete justice to the song. He has a different voice and if rightly used, he brings a lot of value to the song. Beems did exactly the same. This song has all the elements, Beems perfectly mixes them rightly, that makes mass dance to this tune. The beats are good so are the instruments which go along with the song. Gone are those days where the songs started with strawberry and other fruits. Now is the modern age, gadgets have become target of lyricists. To sync with berry, Halle Berry made into this lyric.

02 - Ayomayam 
Singer(s): Ranjith,Suchitra
The tune of this song is a routine and standard. Beems doesn't deviate much for this song. Singers did their job as required, however there is nothing much in this song to make it big. 

03 - Tha Tha Thamara 
Singer(s): Neha Bhasin,Sriram Chandra
This song reminds of couple of other songs, Beems brings variations to make it look different. Neha Bhasin shines in between but is not consistent. Her voice is different which brings in some vibrations however she had voice strained at places. We can hear that and feel it. Sriram sounded all togather different. Beems brings in some good interludes which adds to the song. Overall a good attempt by  Beems if Female singer did perfect justice by putting some more effort to the song and sung it effortlessly, it would have been in a different league. Need to see who gets this song in movie, will it be Sharwanand or Naresh. 

04 - Oy Pilla  
Singer(s): Karunya
We might have heard many similar songs. Though this tune from Beems doesn't sound fresh, Karunya is all the difference to this song. His effortless singing is all makes us to listen this song. Not sure why he doesn't get many chances. Only Manisharma and Koti likes of directors gives one or two songs to him, good to see Beems too add to the list. Catchy, fast paced and a peppy dance number. This is for sure a song will be a repeat in Radio. Trailer shows its on Naresh and Shriya and looks promising dance number. 

05 - Polavaram  
Singer(s): Naveen,Kalpana
Again another routine song. Naveen Kalpana did their job well. Song goes all so so.. Nothing much to say about this song.

06 - Neeli Neeli  
Singer(s): Haricharan
Here comes the melody number. Haricharan is another promising singer.  Beems fills the song with good melody. Thought little slow tempo would have been better. Singer voice also could have been left open. Chorus was different. Best lyric in this album obviously this song demands such. 

Pick(s) of the album: Blackberry, Oy Pilla, Tha tha thamara, Neeli Neeli.

Beems delivers a decent album and tells that he is here to stay for long time and deliver. Though Naresh or Sharwanand's movies doesn't demand rich or superficial music content, this movie gets a decent music from  Beems. Hope this adds value to the movie along with story content and performances from the lead actors.


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