'RR Movies' Is Safe Now!

All of a sudden, RR Movies, a Telugu production house invested lots of money to make decent profits. However, a couple bombings on their products bombarded their day-dreams.

Off late, RR is recovering from the blows like DHADA and normalcy can be seen in their camp. All this happened due to the success of BUSINESSMAN. The film bailed them out of debts and hunting-financiers. With enough bucks in hands, RR is lining up a series of projects that can fetch better profits for them this year. Already, an extensive post-production (graphics) work is getting done for Nagarjuna's DAMARUKAM to meet the deadline of April.

Before that, POOLA RANGADU will be hitting theatres from RR Camp. As per the latest reports, three more flicks are under the pipeline from the 'saved' producer and Balayya's flick with Ravi Chavali is one among them.
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