Adhinayakudu(2012) - Music Review

Movie:  Adhinayakudu
Cast :  Balakrishna, Saloni
Director :  Paruchuri Murali
Music Director :  Kalyani Malik
Producer :  L Padma Kumar Choudary
Balakrishna's last two movies were musical hits. His latest offering is Adhinayakudu. Suprisingly Kalyani Malik was roped in for this movie. When Balakrishna's movie is getting released, the expectations of the music would be by default should attract masses. The music should provide a feast to fans as good mass numbers, should enable the movie so that Balakrishna can perform dance numbers and people can enjoy. On the other hand Kalyani Malik's earlier movies were hits for multiplex audience. Ashta Chamma and Ala modalayyindi, had classical touch and more of soft music with less mass elements. With two hits in a row for Kalyani Malik ( Ashta Chamma and Ala modalayyindi) and Balakrishna (Simha and Srirama Rajyam - ignoring PVC), will this pair hit a hattrick??
Kalyani Malik obviously grabbed one of his life time project, How did he fare is question in Balakrishna's fans mind and also music lovers who like his music. This movie has to be complete contrast of what he did so far. There are total six songs in this album. Kalyani Malik himself sang two songs. However he brings in a great surprise when the rest of the songs were shared by SPB and Mano. It has been years that these two sang togather in a single album. Its unfortunate that telugu singers are getting less preference even though the singers from other language dont add any value to the songs. Female singers are Neha, Chaitra and Rita. Lyrics department is done by Bhaskarabhatla and one song by Ramajogayya sastry (Mast Jawani). So far the inlay card looks promising, now lets go into the songs...

1.Olammi ammi
Singers: SP Balasubramaniam, Rita
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla
Songs starts with a whistle tune, which is refreshing as SPB's voice. Who says SPB is old, his voice is still young and refreshing. A typical hero heroine argument/teasing song. SPB adds all the energy that is required to the song. Rita is well supportive to SPB and song goes pleasantly. Bhaskarabhatla's lyrics are so so, mixing english and telugu wherever he wanted. Kalyani Malik provide smooth interludes, the first interlude is however reminds of some old tune. Song is composed with very simple tune however the singers make this song hummable. Song catches up speed and energy in the end of the song and ends well.
2.Guruda Itu Raaraa
Singers: Mano, Rita
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla
I guess its more than an year I heard Mano's voice. This song shows why telugu singers should sing telugu songs. Kalyani Malik brings in some catchy tune and lyrics are filled accordingly. A better paced song during interludes than the earlier one. Violins sound a lot better. Mano performs effortlessly with the twists in the song lyrics. Rita again perfectly supports Mano. This song provides full scope for a dance number. Masses should embrace this song if the visuals are added correctly to this song. I am sure "diginaka diginaka" is a whistle time for fans.
3.Oorantha Dandalette Devude
Singer: K.Kalyani Malik
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla
Quite contrast lyrics from Bhaskarabhatla. A situational song. Thought the pace of the start of this song should have been a little bit less. It sounded that it was hurried a little bit. A little less tempo would have been better. Lyrics are thoughtful. Depicts hero's character. Kalyani Malik singing was not bad. However adding stress in song at some places brought additional stress on words. Thought song ended abruptly. Overall a decent attempt by Kalyani Malik.
4.Mast Jawani Jalsa Jalsa
Singers: SP Balasubramaniam, Chaitra
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Song title and start of song is quite contrast. Masti and Mattu filled song. SPB brings all these effects in the song. Chaitra could have done better. Bhaskarbhatla's turn now is to add hindi to telugu as one song already has english added. Kalyani Malik's interludes are powerful. A totally different tune this time by Kalyani Malik.
5.Andam Aakumadi
Singers: Mano, Neha Honey
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla
One more out and out mass song. Bhaskarbhatla fills the words which appeal masses. Ekkado surrandi, manchame kirrandi, manam manam barampuram aithe sari, buggale sottal padi etc., all aimed at masses. Basically "Padi"/"badi" are the key words that song revolves around. Mass beats all around the song. If Balakrishna infuses right dance steps, this is again will be embraced by masses, this is purely for masses.
Singers: K.Kalyani Malik
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla
Kalyani Malik again takes this song for himself. Bhaskarabhatla uses "Jayaho Janamadigo" for his Hero. Kalyani Malik adapts a tune for interludes. He again does same mistake as the other song in singing, bringing additional stress on words which sound different. ( Jhana, instead of jana, molichchadu instead of molichchaadu, kaninchchaga instead of karuninchaga, He brings a powerful song as required by the situation.
Pick(s) of the album: Olammi ammi, Gurudaa Itu, Andam Aakumadi, Oorantaa,
Kalyani Malik gave his best for a high profile movie working for first time. Two situational songs, two out and out mass songs and final two songs which caters the need of the rest. Bhaskarbhatla didnt go overboard wrote exactly what is required. This album should satisfy the need of Balakrishna's fans and the movie.


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