Racha (2012) - Music Review

Movie: Racha ( 2012 )
Music: Mani Sharma
Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: R B Choudary
Cast: Ram Charan Teja & Tamanna 

Ramcharan Tej's latest movie Racha his fourth movie in his career. When we see the music for his movies so far. Chiruta music was pretty average. Magadheera music though initially didn't catch listeners, post movie released, the songs were repeatedly heard. Then comes Orange. This music post movie release died down. Now the fourth movie Racha. 

Manisharma the mass melody brahma is doing his second film for Ramcharan.  Manisharma is not heard recently compared to movies he had done earlier. This album comes with 5 songs, one less than the commercial formula. RB Choudary is known for good music in his movies. However if hero is Ramcharan, automatically the expectations of the movie will be for mass numbers or dance numbers aimed at satisfying his huge fan base. Chandrabose, Bhuvanachandra, Chinni Charan and Suddala Ashok Teja shared the lyrics department. The music is released a week after planned released date. Let see how Manisharma and his team performed.

01 - Racha - Deepu & Chorus
Lyrics : Chandrabose

This song is completely for Mega fans. Chandrabose tried to impress Mega fans very hard with whatever word he got in his mind. If one goes to understand what chandrabose was trying to say good luck to them. Most ridicule lyrics from Chandrabose. He has given so many stars to charan only he should know why!!. Deepu is surprise package for this song, infused tremendous energy. Manisharma composed this song having all elements right in place. Manisharma any day can give dance numbers effortlessly and this is one routine for him. This song is all  for Charan and his fans and it ends there.

02 - Vaana Vaana (Remix) - Rahul Nambiar, Chaitra

Lyrics : Bhuvanachandra
If anyone is hearing this song for first time, they will enjoy it. But if they have heard the original version of Chiru's film Gang Leader by Bappi Lahiri, will easily ignore it. This song doesn't match the original by any means. I am not sure why the originals will be remixed to impress fans. Rahul and Chaitra cant help the song anyway. They lacked many elements. Manisharma just tried his best but couldn't go anywhere.

03 - Dillaku Dillaku - Tippu, Geetha Madhuri

Lyrics : Chinni Charan
One more routine song for Manisharma. Is it Tippu? I am not sure. konidela vaari koduka neekapude antati dudukaa, type of lyrics aimed at once again fans. Geeta madhuri should have pronounced few words better ( Kotha pellikodaka ). Again the lyrics and tune doesnt synch togather. Words get extended or trimmed for the sake of tune. If this song is between lead pair, their dance numbers should add to this song.

04 - Oka Paadam - Hemachandra, Malavika
Lyrics : Chandrabose
Tamanna if pronounced differently the name changes. తమన్నా has become టమన్న. Style is doing what not to Telugu songs. Hemachandra as I said before is not maintaining his identity with voice as singer. Not sure why? Chandrabose again comes up with some substandard lyrics. Manisharma didnt put any effort to this song I guess. Basically he didn't offer anything through this song. Hemachandra, Malavika just did what they are supposed to do.

05 - Singareniundhi- Sukhvindar Singh, Sahiti
Lyrics : Suddala Ashok Teja

Sukhvindar Singh, what is he doing here. I think the songs have some issues with names. Thought I heard Tippu in this song. May be Dillaku song was by Sukhvindar Singh. "naa Cherry, pallaki lo vastaa dont worry", this song is from Suddala Ashok Teja?? Manisharma just did a routine job. Again this song just goes what Cherry wanted.

Pick(s) of the Album: For fans: Racha, Oka Paadam, Singareni undi.

Manisharma does an effortless job to provide music for this album which is strictly for Ramcharan Tej's fans. Entire team has worked towards satisfying them and the songs remain with them only.

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