Charan and Bunny avoids Dookudu producer

Charan and Bunny avoids Dookudu producer

Dookudu producer Anil Sunkara has given statements that irked mega camp a lot. He gave statements that Dookudu has surpassed Magadheera collections and kept on stressing it. Poor Mahesh fans still believe that Dookudu is the biggest hit.

Mega camp thought of giving a counter statement, but backed off as they didn't want to blow up the issue. Trade circles know that Magadheera is a very big hit and Dookudu didn't even reach it let alone beating it. Constant provoking statements from Dookudu producer have certainly irritated mega heroes and that came to light at Maa Music awards ceremony.

Ram Charan and Allu Arjun's seats were reserved right next to Anil Sunkara at this event. When the organizers showed the reserved seats to the young mega heroes, they noticed Sunkara sitting there and asked them to show some other seats. This was noticed by the media and the news has already hit the headlines. Lots of 'raw material' for the gossip makers!
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