Skinny Ileana termed as skeleton!

Skinny Ileana termed as skeleton!

Ileana was once considered as the heroine with the best physique. Everyone used to go gaga over her hour glass beauty. But over diet has shown adverse effect on her as she looks extremely skinny in Snehitudu (Nanban). Curves are completely missing and the critics say she is looking like a skeleton.

Even the response from the audience is bad. Earlier films used to run solely on Ileana's glamour. Looks like she has reached the fag end of her career, at least with Tollywood is concerned. Ileana is not hot anymore and she has to wake up and do the needy before time runs out.

Currently she has Allu Arjun's film on hand and that would be the last chance for her to bounce back in Telugu cinema. If she gets similar feedback for that film, she will have to leave hopes on Tollywood. Ileana needs that extra 'kick' to compete with the fresh beauties.
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