Festival Season for TV Channels

Festival Season for TV Channels
Due to less number of interesting aspects, TV Channels suffered with low TRP rating till last month. Most of the TV Channels re-winded the old news in their respective Channels due to lack of attractive news. With the latest political entry news of Balakrishna, each and every TV Channel started focusing the film history of Balakrishna predicting the future of Balakrishna in Political arena.

Adding to this, Balakrishna's controversial comments on his all time competitor Chiranjeevi has turned out to be good food for the TV Channels. Special programs are being conducted on the issue of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. Experts belonging to various categories are invited to participate in these discussions.

The recent cock fights on the names of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna became an interesting aspect for the Sankranthi which occupied a part of the news for TV Channels. SMS polling on the issue of who is a better public speaker and politician is being scrolled on round the clock. What ever may be the reason for Balakrishna's political entry, TV Channels are making festival with the political war between Chiru and Balayya.
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