Onamaalu (2012) - Music Review

Movie: ONAMAALU( 2012 )Music: Koti
Director: kranti Madhav
Lyrics: Seetarama Sastry
Cast: Rajendra Prasad & Kalyani

Any telugu person who had Aksharabhyasam will know what is Onamaalu is all about. Comes with a caption "Mee balyam loki maro prayaanam", Onamaalu movie has a great expectations as the movie trailer are so fantastic and heart touching. Rajendra Prasad and Kalyani starrer looks very promising meaningful movie. Expectations are that this would be another feather in cap for Rajendra Prasad. With this backdrop, the music has been released. After Dhoni, Sirivennela gets another single card as lyricist for this movie ONAMAALU. Koti and Sirivennela delivered some great songs earlier. Lets see how this team worked togather this time, what did they do to the movie and music. All songs are less than 4 minutes which is less than the standard song length. One song goes close to 7 minutes which is definetely a time to look.

01 - Sooridu - Koti
Koti might have thought when every other music director is singing why not me? And he does better than many of the professional importer singers. Entire song tries to brings the village infront of our eyes. Sound of the chicken/hen, birds, cattle, goats, and many other voices are good to hear. It brings out many aspects out in the song. Chorus after a long time sounded so refreshing. The carnatic interlude added flavor. Seetaramasastry's lyrics depicts a different perspective of his favorite Sun. He relates Sun to many things around and tries to wake us up. They are treat to listen. "poddanaka kuniketi aggi raajuni aadi sande pellam vachi gillindaa, ginta kaanti kallaapini jallindaa" kind of words are possible only for his kind of lyricits.

02 - Arudhaina - Srikrishna
Srikrishna's fantastic rendering makes so listening so soothing. Koti's violins did a lot of magic in this song. Srikrishna and the music goes hand in hand and forms a good combination. He tried his best to bring in the expressions, he is on right path to mature singer and to be more expressive. Song appears too short. Once again Sirivennela steals the show in Lyrics department. "kanuvindu gaa aligindi sreemati". Srimati aligite kanuvindela avutundi? One has to hear the song. Koti's tune is very much in tune with lyrics added by notable contribution by Srikrishna makes the song listen more and more.

03 - Pandugante - Krishna Chaitanya,Chaitra
This song brings in a new definition of various festivals in villages. Krishna Chaitanya and Chaitra performed well and brings in right amount of details of the song.

04 - Hey Yamma - Malavika
This song suprises as it changes gear all of sudden. A different song in this genre movie. A short bit compared to rest of the songs as it runs for 2:04 minutes. Could be a passing song in the movie. Every one involved in this song does their job as required.

05 - Pillalu Bagunnara -Nitya Santoshini
A very heart touching song that is aimed at people who left home village to a far away places for their better livelyhood. A village trying to ask their kids about their welfare once they left the place. Sirivennela excels with his thought ful lyrics. His words isimply are mesmerizing. One has to hear this song just to feel his thought process and his greatness of expressing them thru simple words. Tune and singer just are there to feel their presence.Nitya sontoshini has some problems in few words, The words "Evarra Evayyarraa" could have been done better. However she brings the right emotion of the song.
Pick(s) of the Album: Sooridu, Arudaina, Pillalu Bagunnaara
Sirivennela is the hero of the album. Koti must have done music to this album after lyrics are written.I am sure he might have been moved by the lyrics. Complete telugu album and a different genre of music might. This will be appreciated by telugu lovers and people who has an ear towards this type of genre songs. They are not like the other commercial songs, but will grab many people for few hearings.

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